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How to Avoid Cycling Accidents During the Summer


The summer months are finally approaching and this means lighter nights, more sun and also the opportunity to cycle your bike. A lot more people choose to cycle when the weather is nicer, whether it is to work or in the evenings for some exercise. But, what this does mean is that the chances of having a cycling accident is increased. It is easy to become careless and forget bike safety when the sun is shiny, but it is still equally important for your wellbeing.


So, let’s look at how you can avoid a cycling accident claims during the summer.


Use Hand Signals


When you are using the road, it is important that you remember to use your hand signals so that other drivers know where you are going. This is just like any other time of the year and while the sun being out can be a distraction, remember that you are more exposed on the roads and it is important so that traffic can anticipate your next move.


Wear Reflective Clothing


Just because the nights are lighter during the summer doesn’t mean you should forget about wearing reflective cycling gear. Of course, there will be a temptation to wear shorts and summer clothing but be sure to accessorise with reflective and Hi-Viz clothing so that drivers can see you out on the roads.


Remember Blind Spots


Basic bike safety is important, especially when there are more people out traveling and the nights are lighter in the summer. One of the most popular reasons for bike accidents happening is because drivers cannot see cyclists that have drifted into their blind spots. When you are filtering at stationary lights, make sure you are mindful of these blind spots so that everyone can see you on the road. This is especially true for trucks and buses who have larger blind spots than cars.


Attach Bike Lights


Drivers should always be able to see you on your bike when you are on the road. Just like cars have headlights, you can should have lights on your bike when it is dark at night. This way everyone can keep a safe distance and you can lower your chances of being involved in an accident. After all, you want to enjoy the summer!


Wear a Helmet


We know it is tempting to not wear a helmet when it doesn’t go with your new outfit or you are hot outside during the summer. But, it is imperative for your safety, especially if you have an accident with another vehicle. That is why you should never ignore the law and always wear a helmet no matter what.


Invest in Cycling Glasses


When the sun is shining, this can interfere with your vision. To make sure that you can see where you are going and what other traffic is doing on the roads, you should invest in a tinted pair of cycle glasses. This will mean you can enjoy cycling in the sun more too.


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