Online has become increasingly important when it comes to growing or scaling your business. There are a number of factors that go into a successful online presence which we will cover in this blog post.


The most important part of an online presence is undoubtedly the website. Having a great website is like having a solid partner for your business that works 24/7. Great websites can be seen in every industry but is amazing to see great companies who are let down by the website. Following these instructions will lead you to having one of the best websites in Ireland.


Mobile Optimised.

Over half of users online are now using their mobile browse,review, book and purchase online. The number looks set to continue to rise with phones becoming better and better. It is alarming to see the amount of websites that are not yet optimised and selecting a solid wordpress theme to build your site can help in ensuring the maximum number of conversions and market share from mobile devices.



WordPress has taken over the Content Management System market and over 15 million sites worldwide are using the platform. It has numerous advantages including purpose built themes which are the best in their class and can be optimised easily for your business giving you a solid web presence that is optimised for every device and can be easily tweaked, updated and added to by many users in different locations. WordPress training is relatively straight forward and almost anybody can learn to manage their website by themselves.

Business Websites Ireland are among the leading wordpress web designers in Dublin and some of our work can be seen below:


Conversion Optimised.

If you want visitors to your site to convert you should make the most of conversion optimisation. That is laying your site out in such a way that maximises the amount that are produced through each landing page. If we want the user to contact us, we should put our contact number at the top of the page, if we want to user to fill out an enquiry form for a free quote, we should have a call to action asking them to do so. We should repeat our call to action throughout the landing and provide more information about our company and services gradually as we scroll down the page. The site should use vivid stock imagery and should have fast loading times ensuring users don’t bounce and visit another site.


Check out our portfolio or get in touch for a conversion optimised wordpress website.


Search Engine Optimisation.


A great website is nothing without attracting traffic to it. Search Engine Optimisation is the process of signalling to Google that you are an authority in your field and should be ranked at the top of page 1. You will also want to set up a Google My Business account to get your company featured on the map and display key information about your business including contact details, reviews and any special offers you may have going on at the time. If you offer a number of services and customer are searching for those services, you will need to have a separate landing page for each service. This will ensure that when a target customer visits that particular landing page and it is conversion optimised so that they become a paying customer of your business. Site structure is crucial to your SEO efforts.



Adwords has become the most effective advertising platform in the world in recent times and goes hand in hand with SEO. It allows you to appear at the top of page 1 from the very first day and to show off all your companies selling points, USP’s and highlights as well as allowing customers to contact you straight from the Ad through call only ads, text messages or clicking on the site and converting from the landing page. You can also make use of Google Shopping Ads and various other platforms to maximise your sales online. When you appear at the top of page 1 with an Ad, on the Google Map as a top company and at the top of the page 1 with SEO, the potential customer will see you 3 times in the space of a couple of seconds and will regard you as an authority who can get the job done especially if you have a number of reviews to back you up.


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