Case Study: McSweeney Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin

McSweeney Personal Injury Solicitors

We have worked with McSweeney Personal Injury Solicitors on a website upgrade to take his law practice to the next level for 2018/19. The old site was built with html and php and was a good base of content for us to draw on for this upgrade. A couple of key considerations for this project would be the WordPress Theme Selection, Mobile First Design, The speed of the website and the SEO rankings moving forward.



Business Web Designers Dublin always work with WordPress as it is the most robust system available and offers the best security and design features on the market. We selected the TM Finance theme even though it was  finance theme we knew it would make an excellent base for this new website. The beauty of wordpress is that it is fully customisable. We have access to every line of code and can develop the site any way we chose. Another great template to use would be the Enfold wordpress theme which comes with a lot of different demos to choose from.


Mobile First Design:

Mobile first is becoming increasingly important. We see from Google Analytics that almost every account is over 60% mobile traffic. The keys on mobile are fast loading times and making it as easy as possible for the customer to get in touch by sticking the phone number to the top of the screen even as the user scrolls the page. Plenty of calls to action always help. Speed is always important when it comes to web design. This is especially true on mobile devices where users will be quite impatient. Check out your scores on Google Speed Test.



Search Engine Optimisation is a critical factor for any business. Google Adwords is always important but most people will still skip the ads and look on the map and at the top of the organic listings. In our view, it is important to show in the paid ads, on the and at the top of the organic rankings. McSweeney Solicitors realise the importance of this and we have set to work on a number of keywords to get to the top position in Google:

Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors

Cycling Accident Claims

Motorcycle Accident Claims

Road Traffic Accident Claims



We are working on getting all these keywords to the top position in Google and we have also implemented Review Snippets on all these pages.


Review Snippets


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