Your website is a reflection of your brand online, but when it comes to highlighting your online presence, there are many factors you need to consider. Having a good Corporate Website Design can have great impacts on your company and your conversions. Having a well built website helps generate better customer traffic and will create new business. The Business Websites Ireland team have created a list of top tips for Corporate Website Design.

Corporate Website Design

Corporate Website Design

Mobile First Design

Mobile First Design is a design strategy that enables a website to fit to the screens of different devices by automatically displaying the sites content in a way that suits each device. It is essentially delivering the right user experience to the correct device. In Mobile First Design the UX designers must prioritise the most important aspects of the website, such as clickable contact information. Compared to the average desktop conversions, mobile conversion rates are over 60%. Mobile First Design can lead to more profits for your business. Mobile First Design is for business as; mobile users buy online, mobile dominates online traffic, you can achieve greater social media referrals on mobile, and Google uses mobile responsiveness as a ranking factor. For more information on why Mobile First Design is important Click Here.

Site Structure

Site Structure holds great importance to your business website. It is a crucial element to your sites performance, for both SEO and website usability. The site should have a structure for your site that is easily understood by Google and the users. A well-structured site will have the most important content with the most internal links. Having these links will let Google see what the most significant content and display the relevant content to search engines. While a good site structure will help your site rank in Google it is also important for user experience.  A clear and concise structure allows your audience to easily navigate through the site. This can also lead to increased conversions.

Design For Conversions

There are many different strategies out there to maximise conversions. A good website should be designed with conversions in mind. Many web designers and marketers know the importance of SEO, social media, creating lead magnets that convert and having an amazing web design built on a solid foundation. These factors all play a huge role in your conversion rate optimisation. Hick’s Law suggests that the it time it takes for an individual to make a decision is directly proportionate to the possible choices they have.  By limiting the number of choices the user has can boost your conversions. Another thing to take into consideration is that you don’t have long to catch the visitors attention.  In order to capture their interest quickly use a large benefit driven headline that is brief and to the point, use eye catching imagery that conveys the main purpose of the page, and make large and clear Call To Actions (CTAs). This will show the user exactly what they need thus increasing the chance for a conversion.

Call To Actions

A Call To Action is a piece of content intended to induce a user to perform a specific task. They are extremely important and must be used in your website design.  They can lead users to more information, download content, message you, and even call. It is a way to direct a user to converting. Your website should contain many, large and clear CTAs to entice your audience to complete desired tasks. Placements of these are also important, in a side bar and at the top and bottom of the pages are good locations. Well defined and clear CTAs may lead to increased conversion, and may lead to paying customers.

Load Time

As a business owner you want your website to deliver excellent user experience. Sites that look and perform well are more likely to do better that those that don’t. Take the sites load speed into consideration in order to improve the user experience. A study, conducted by Google in 2012, found that most smart phone users are willing to wait up to five seconds for a website to load before going to another site. The Load time also affects your SEO. In 2010 Google began to use site speed as a ranking factor, and it continues to serve as a factor in determining where your site will appear. Many things may lead to increased load time, so it is important to have optimised images, and to go easy on the plugins. Having a fast loading site will help potential customers to interact with your company, and help your SEO efforts.

Business Strategy is at the centre of every website we develop and we ensure the companies goals and objectives are carefully taken into account before development begins. Here at Business Websites Ireland, we have over 10 years experience with Corporate Web Design and can guarantee the success of your brand. We believe WordPress is the best Content Management System for Corporate Website Design and has many advantages for your business website. For more information on Corporate Website Design call the team today and get a free consultation.