In recent times the terms Web Design and Web Development are often virtually interchangeable, but they really do possess different meaning. Web Design refers to the aesthetic and the usability aspects of the website. These designers use many programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite to make the layout and visual elements of the site. Web Developers are responsible for the functionality of the website. They transform the website from a static layout into a dynamic site. Developers use many languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and others to bring the life to the designs.

Corporate Website Design

Web Design

When performing web design the designer must carefully consider the clients’ website objectives and business goals and then move on to an Information Architecture (IA). This is the structural design of shared information environments to support usability. Once the guide is completed the designer can create wireframes or screen blueprints. When the information is processed and the pages schematics are complete the designer and begin the design stage. The design part deals with the customer facing or the front-end side of the website, this will focus on the aesthetics and how the user interacts with the sight.

  • Aesthetics play a huge role in supporting the content and the functionality of the website. Aesthetically pleasing websites are concerned with how the site is perceived by the consumer and how user-friendly the interface is. Aesthetics support navigation and interaction.
  • UX or User Experience is extremely important because it aims to fulfil the consumers’ needs. It tries to provide positive experiences in an attempt to create customers that are loyal to the brand. This is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a brand or product by improving accessibly, usability, and the pleasure provided within the interaction.

Web Development

When the design aspect is completed the project moves on to the development process. Web developers or web programmers take the design and build a fully functional site. The design is a static layout and the developer transforms it into a dynamic. Some developers use HTML while others may utilise a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress to streamline development and allows the clients to maintain, update and add content to their website. Web Development focuses on the functionality of a website.

  • Functionality relies on many factors such as site speed, clickable buttons, etc. The developer must ensure the site is easy to use and responds well to the user’s needs and to the different screen sizes. If the site is deemed functional then the user will have a more pleasant experience using the website.
  • Back-End Development deals with the advanced programming and interactions on a webpage. The developer focuses on how the site works and how the user completes their goals using its functionality. This can include the creation of shopping carts for E-commerce sites.

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